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Hello! I’m David, an interactive designer, musician, artist, and writer living in Georgia.

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The Question of Rates

When you bid on your first set of projects, it’s hard to set a rate. After you’ve picked it, it’s hard to explain the seemingly arbitrary number. But as a professional, you need to get comfortable with the conversation as a whole. This article is about that.

War of the Roaches - Part 1

When I moved to Georgia, I quickly found myself outnumbered and under siege in my own home. This is the story of how the war against the cockroaches began.

Paleo: 1 Month Down

I’ve been on the paleo diet for one month. This is the progress so far.

Web Standards and JavaScript for Aging Devices

We’ve been building this lovely iOS app with the Ionic Framework, but when the app started to become unusable I had to change up the way I was writing my JavaScript.

Better Team Projects with Grunt JS

For years I pre-processed my SASS/LESS files and minified my JavaScript with apps like Codekit. And while those are great, they don’t always work nicely with whatever apps your coworkers are using. That’s where Grunt JS shines.

Paleo vs BMI

I was a little concerned as to why I was turning into a blob. But after refreshing my memory on how BMI works, I realized instead that I just looked silly in a previous article.

About Me

I'm David Brooks, an interactive designer, generative artist, and electronic musician from Michigan. During the day I build things for Artletic, a great UX studio in Colorado. At night I create art and write music as Light The Deep and craft applications like Thousand Wires, JavaScript libraries like ArtisanJS, and build interesting things for the amazing clients of Northward Compass.

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Technically Speaking

This site runs on the Textpattern content management system. CSS is precompiled by SASS, of course. Only a handfull of JavaScript libraries are in use, most notably Grunt. The visuals are done (by me) in Processing and Modo. The fonts are delivered with love by Typekit.


365 Days of Paleo/Progress

On July 1, 2014 I started into a year of Paleo and better health.
Here's my progress at a glance.

-18.2 lb. Weight

72 oz. Water Per Day

1787 Ave. Calories

See the progress

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